Cross Genome Analysis

    CGAn's dynamically generated report was designed to provide easy access to all of our available data on a protein sequence with a locally recognized locus. Our data set is derived from all publicly available completed genomes and chromosomes for which there is clear sequence data. We have tried to preserve the original sequence id's whenever possible as our local id. Our annotation maintains a correlation to Genbanks' PID # and the SWISSPROT id when known.

    If you are unsure of the id to use, you can search our annotation database whith keywords such as gene name or an altrnate id. You may also search by sequence similarity.

Enter an id to generate a report for:

    Since the report is in a sense a summary of what we know about a given protein, we are continually adding to the data available through the report. To conserve space and maximize readability, each report is generated to contain only the data known for the specified loci. CGAn currently reports the following:

    At the bottom you will find two options for saving data from the report. One saves a tab delimited table file containing the sequence homology portion of the report. The other save the protein sequences of the homologues in fasta format. Please let us know if there are other options you would like to see available! CGAn also contains a link to our FTP directory containing all of the genomes used in our data set.