BMERC database search and analysis

You can paste a protein sequence into the box below and click submit to search our database for matches, or follow one of the links below to choose a specific search method.

Cross-Genome Homologues:

    In most of our search tools you will find the loci hyperlinked to our Cross Genome Analysis (CGAn) server. The CGAn report generated by this link shows the top two homolouges with at least 20% equivelent identities for each organism in our completed genomes set. It also reports any strong homology to a PDB structural sequence, if it's known to be a WD-repeat, if it is in the defining set of or had a domain identified by one of our profiles. The CGAn page will also contain many useful links for the sequence and source organism. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Seach and analysis tools:

    Our core genome MySQL databases are available in database uploadable format (sql dumps) from our FTP site. They are also available as tab delimited flat files. Please feel free to contact us at if you would like additional information. Be sure to include the name of your lab or company in the e-mail.