BioMolecular Engineering Research Center (BMERC)

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A Symposium celebrating Temple Smith retirement & emeritus appointment

Graduate Program in Bioinformatics

     The BMERC provides research support in both the development and application of computational biology / Bioinformatics methods in biology. This includes a graduate and postdoctoral training program. The Center's research focus is currently on full-genome comparative analyses, protein structure prediction, protein function identification and domain dissection. Our work has led to the formulation and testing of hypotheses in the areas of molecular evolution, gene regulation, developmental genetics, and protein structure-function relationships.

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The center is supported in part by grants from the NSF, AfCS, MGH/PGA, and the BU Bioinformatics Program.

Run by the Smith of the smith/waterman algorithm, the BMERC is constantly developing new tools to help expand our ability to find useful information in the continually expanding genome databases. Our focus for the web site right now is to find meaningful ways to link and expand on the vast amount of research we've already done. We are in the process of developing whole new ways to store and represent data, as well as ways to make our results available both in a visually appealing manner on the Internet and as downloadable data easily parsed into the users own database.

One example is our linking of our protein domain profiles to secondary structure. It is already possible to view a query protein sequence aligned with a PDB sequence and it's secondary structure, when a strong pdb match to the profile is known. Two of the ways we are expanding on this are: