Index of needle software

BMERC : Index of needle software

This includes the needle protein threading program, and its supporting code.

needle tools

The needle tools software implements core library and MRF score file generation. Several independent versions of the documentation are available, corresponding to various releases of the software:

The needle package

[documentation, such as it is, can be found in the current version of the needle tools pages. -- rgr, 17-Jun-98.]

Other software

Other documentation

None of this is likely to be of interest except to people at BMERC.
BMERC benchmarks
For actual performance data on the machines at BMERC using these and other programs, see the BMERC benchmarks page.
Accessing Unix files from the Mac
How to access files on your Unix account directly from the lab Macintosh systems, as opposed to using FTP to move the files back and forth.

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