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The "needle tools" suite is a set of programs associated with the needle protein threading program. The documentation is divided broadly into the four main sections described below. The main page for each section consists mostly of a detailed table of contents for everything documented in the section. See also the comprehensive table of contents page, which has the detailed contents of everything.

Introduction to needle tools
Contains overview and "how-to" material, with examples.
needle tools program descriptions
Describes the individual programs, in a format similar to Unix man pages.
File formats
Documents the file formats used by these programs, with special emphasis on locally-developed file formats.
Contains the BMERC Glossary, installation instructions, and change history.
Other pages of particular interest:
General information about needle tools
Every user of the needle tools suite should read this page first.
Comprehensive table of contents
Contains the detailed contents of everything. [This is the closest thing to a searchable index, alas. -- rgr, 26-Nov-99.]
BMERC Glossary
Contains terms used in these documentation pages that may be unfamiliar to some users.
Needle tools installation
Contains instructions on how to obtain and install this software.
needle tools perl subroutines
Documents internal subroutines in needle tools perl scripts. Not for the faint of heart.

Overview table of contents

Each of these entries constitutes its own page, with detailed tables of contents on everything logically contained within it. (The top-level pages are mostly just the table of contents.) The comprehensive table of contents includes all levels in the section nesting hierarchy.

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