Yeast Mitochondrial Protein Database

Created and maintained by:
Tom Plasterer
Temple Smith
Scott Mohr

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This site presents a compilation of information concerning budding yeast mitoproteins - proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that are:

  1. encoded within the mitochondrial genome (mtDNA)
  2. encoded within the nuclear genome and after synthesis imported into the mitochondria, or
  3. encoded within the nuclear genome and having an extra-mitochondrial (nuclear or cytoplasmic) role connected with mitochondrial biogenesis or function.

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Site Summary

    YMPD contains a complete, curated list of yeast genes encoding mitoproteins. The ORF name for each mitoprotein is linked to a page presenting a summary of the Baysian prior-based profile for conserved segments of that protein and statistics describing profile quality. The page also contains a list of homologs identified by the profile that span the widest possible taxonomic breadth. A multi-domain diagram at the bottom of the page displays the relationships between the conserved segments of different homologs and shows any additional sequence domains. Clicking on these initiates BLAST searches against the database of all fully sequenced genomes. A clickable button accesses a full multiple alignment of the profile-matched segments for the homolog set. Phylogenetic trees based on these alignments can also be displayed by clicking appropriate buttons (See How to use YMPD). A complete list of the known mitoproteins classified by functional category has links to the pages for individual mitoproteins in each category.


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