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The PSA Protein Structure Prediction Server

The Protein Sequence Analysis (PSA) server predicts probable secondary structures and folding classes for a given amino acid sequence. It was developed at the BioMolecular Engineering Research Center (BMERC) of Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, and TASC, Inc. in Reading, Massachusetts.

New Features

As of 16 June 2000 (starting with request ID 24685 or thereabouts), the PSA server provides an option for
returning analysis results via the Web. Since we expect Web results to be more popular, we have made this the default for the "Return results via:" choice on the submission page; the standard e-mail delivery technique is still available as the other option for this choice.

As of 1 February 1999 (starting with request ID 15823), the PSA server performs three types of protein structure/sequence analysis:

  1. Analysis of full-length amino acid sequences that are assumed to be monomeric globular, water-soluble proteins consisting of a single domain.

  2. Analysis of either complete sequences, or sequence fragments with a minimal set of modelled structural assumptions.

  3. Analysis of potential WD-repeat protein family sequences.


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